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Juliet in Dusty Pink  - MatBunga Exclusive
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Juliet in Dusty Pink
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Collection       : Juliet Swarovski Crystal 

Category        : Instant Shawl


Instant Shawl is one of the favorite modern women nowadays. Due to the lifestyle, career and family, woman today need a solution how to dress up with minimal time. Especially in hijab. Because of that, Mat Bunga Exclusive has come out with Juliet Instant Shawl (double Loops shawl) that can wear in simple way can in shorter time but at the same time still look stunning and modest.


To make this collection more special and sparkle, we have adorned Ayra with Swarovski Crystal which inspired from Petunia Flower which is very special design and simple to bring more exclusive and special to you.


Type of Shawl : Instant Shawl “Double Loops”

Measurement : 1st Loop 10.75 inch -/+

                         : 2nd Loop 11.75 inch -/+

Type of Fabric : Premium Heavy Chiffon

Type of Stitch : Baby Seam Hem

Fabric Opaque : 4/ 5  

Specialty : Instant Shawl and save time


Magical Swarovski Crystal element :

SS16 Crystal Clear Hotfix – 21 pcs

SS12 Aurora Borealis Hotfix – 4 pcs



Bear in mind that all the photos are captured in a photography studio or Indoor Photography with bright lights from all angle. The colours are made to the most similar possible and might vary from each computer settings. 



Buyers are advised to hand wash all items purchased from MAT BUNGA EXCLUSIVE using mild detergent and cool water (unless otherwise stated on the product care page). All items should not be dried under direct sunlight. Buyers are advised to iron all items at low to medium heat. Items that are of chiffon, silk or satin material to be steam ironed or ironed with a piece of cloth between iron and item of clothing.






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